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Individual programs that resonate and inspire

Factor of One delivers strategic objectivity, sales performance training, executive-level communication skills, presentation skills mastery, and customer experience feedback.

Whether you are a business owner, company president, C-level manager, or team leader looking to improve the bottom line, or an individual interested in reaching your highest potential, discover how you can operate within your Factor of One and increase net profit through one of our Empowering Solutions Programs©:

“Salesperson Performance Improvement: Identify, Inspire, Implement”

  • Salesperson Assessments 
  • Salesperson Development Plan
  • One-on-One Sales Coaching bi-weekly
  • Personification of Company Mission
  • Sales Profits: increased through individual responsibility, maximized time management

“Sales Growth Intensive: High-Level Sales Partnership”

All aspects listed above plus:

  • One-on-One sales coaching weekly
  • Salesperson Shadowing
  • Co-Selling
  • Presentation Skills Mastery
  • Sales Management strategies
  • Lasting change: accomplished by salesperson’s willful participation in choices offered

“Scaling for Growth: Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising”

All aspects listed above plus:

  • Department Head/Manager Assessments
  • Ancillary Employee Assessments
  • Customer Retention & Feedback Interviews
  • Organizational Planning
  • Salesperson Loyalty & Retention: managing empowered salespeople

Empowering Solutions Programs© are customizable per company requisites, and adjustable per number of salespeople or individuals.

Perform within your Factor of One…