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If you think you're past your dreams, you're not…

What's still inside of you?

What drives you?

What motivates you?

What is your life's equity?

What is the one gift your life requires?

Recapture your purpose.

Experiential Based Performance Improvement for individual, team, and corporate success

Factor of One is corporate visioning and sales performance. We align highest potential with personal motivation. We foster individual achievement within a team environment to effectively increase sales and heighten business productivity.

Through our Empowering Solutions Programs© we turn new thinking into daily habits and successful actions. Our personalized performance based programs resonate and inspire within the individual’s core belief structure. Time-tested concepts are honed to connect with his or her unique personal vision of opportunity, future, and success.

Once an individual is focused on optimal performance, he or she will make a positive impact on their future and on everyone around them— this is what we call the Factor of One. An energized Factor of One positively influences the success of the whole in every aspect of life and business.

Discover your Factor of One